Well-loved shoes and elite airline status are dead giveaways of an intrepid reporter.

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Jeremy Lin's Most Marketable Magic: He's All Things, To All People ...

There’s been a mad rush to cash in on the Jeremy Lin phenomenon, from the regrettable “Lin-sanity” Ben & Jerry’s flavor featuring lychee honey swirls and fortune cookies, to Nike’s first Lin branded shoe. But likewise, customers have been racing to own a piece of Lin as well. In the past two weeks, Modell’s, the sporting goods company with 150 stores across New York state, has ordered and sold out three rush shipments of $59 Jeremy Lin jerseys and $36 “Linsanity” T-shirts--with each shipment totaling around 7,000 items.


Unpacking The Land Mines Of Race And Religion, To Create The ...

The hype has faded into a murmur. But even though Linsanity now seems quaint, Jeremy Lin has proven himself quite nicely, thank you. The Knicks are winning again, and last night, he poured in 18 points and 10 assists. He’s averaging 15 and 6. Those would all be very good numbers for a seasoned, multi-millionaire pro.The point is, Jeremy Lin is steadily proving that he really does belong in the pantheon of starting NBA point guards--a job that only 30 men in the world hold. He really is poised to become a star.